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Refugees: Show Case for Labor Market Integration

©Bilfinger SEWith favorable integration policies and labor market conditions, employment rates of refugees reach those of the native population in little more than a decade. This is the conclusion of the first Mercator Dialogue on Asylum and Migration (MEDAM) study, based on the experiences of Bosnian refugees from the Balkan wars in integrating into the labor market. Overall for the countries studied the integration of Bosnians has been a success.
Read the full research paper (external website)


Economic Forecast: Inflation Close to 2% by 2018

© Smileus - Fotolia.comDespite global uncertainty, researchers at the Kiel Institute keep their forecast for GDP growth in Germany of 1.9 percent for the current year and 1.7 percent in 2017. The main drivers remain investment in construction and consumer spending. The global economy has now bottomed out. Oil prices will likely remain low.


Risks of ECB Monetary Policy are Increasing

Draghi © European Union 2015 - Source EPThe effectiveness of the monetary policy if the ECB is decreasing over time. While monetary policy significantly contributed to stabilize the economy during the Global Financial Crisis and the Sovereign Debt Crisis, recently the effectiveness of monetary is probably low, while harmful side effects are rising with interest rates being now about 10 years close to zero. This is conclusion was given to the European Parliament in an advisory mandate from the Kiel Institute. Read the full analysis (external website)


Trade Economist Marc Melitz Wins Bernhard Harms Prize

Marc Melitz BHP Prize 2016 / Photo @ Ifw-Kiel M.StefanMarc Melitz, Professor of Political Economy at Harvard University, was today awarded the Bernhard Harms Prize by the Kiel Institute. President Dennis Snower praised Melitz for his exceptional contribution to global economic research. The so called Melitz model is a cornerstone of modern international trade theory. Read more...


Restrictions for Chinas foreign investments are not necessary

Shanghai skyline with historical Waibaidu bridge, China © Oleksandr Dibrova - Fotolia.comConcerns of a “sale out” of German technology to Chinese foreign investors are based on fears not on facts, says Rolf J. Langhammer, expert for international trade at the Kiel Institute. According to the latest stock data, German investments in manufacturing in China jumped to 15% in 2014. On the other hand, China’s investment in Germany comprised but a tiny share, far less than one percentage point. Read Kiel Institute Focus


The Policy Failure that Supports Trump

Trump © LPETTET – iStockphotoThe bedrock of support for Donald Trump is well known: white men, discouraged, angry. They want to “make America great again,” by which they mean regaining their sense of agency and power. They are the product of a disastrous American policy failure, writes Dennis Snower, President of the Kiel Institute and American citizen.
Read Kiel Institute Focus


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