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Italy’s Weak Growth Is Becoming a Serious Problem

14671762292_86b1710d85_o.jpg ©M. RauckThe Italian economy is stagnating, mainly as a result of outdated labor market structures that have remained largely unaffected by recent reforms—as a new report by researchers from the Kiel Institute reveals. If Italy fails to create more and better paying jobs, especially for young people, and is unable to catch up with the rest of the European economies, the country’s enormous debt will become unsustainable long term. Read more...


Economic forecast: German economy approaches boom phase

Deutschland, Hamburg, Container Hafen © Tuned_In – iStockphotoGermany’s economy is expanding at a faster pace than is healthy for it. According to the current economic forecast by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is likely to grow by 2 per cent this year, 2.2 per cent next year and 2.1 per cent in the year 2019. As a result, the capacity over-utilisation is increasing, making a painful correction at a later date more likely. A sharp increase in economic growth in the euro area argues in favour of the ECB abandoning its low interest rate policy.


GES to Stage Conferences at Kiel Digital Week

IFW___04-10-2016_145.jpg © Daniel Wolcke / IfWThe Global Economic Symposium (GES) will be staging three conferences on September 18 and 19 in conjunction with regional, national, and international partners as part of Kiel Digital Week. The conferences address related topics and bring together academic experts, business practitioners, and policy makers, who will present and discuss findings and policy proposals for a globalized and digitized world. Read more...


The G20 summit was more successful than you think

G20 Foto: Bundesregierung/Kugler Kiel Institute President Dennis Snower rated the G20 Summit in Hamburg as success. It has set the stage for important multilateral achievements in the future, thanks to Chancellor Merkel’s strength of purpose and the wide-ranging efforts of her G20 team. Specifically, there have been three major achievements that deserve further attention by researchers and policy makers, he said.
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Empowering Women through Digitalization

Woman Typing Phone Message On Social Network At Night © diego_cervo – iStockphotoDigitalization can help create greater gender equality. Moreover, the digital age will provide more workplace opportunities for women than for men. But the right policies need to be in place so that women can take advantage of these improved opportunities.



G20: Recoupling Economic and Social Progress

G20_Gipfel_think20dialogue_2017_Internet_RGB_L-01.jpgThe Co-Chairs of the Think 20 group of think tanks called on the leaders of the G20 countries to expand their agenda of economic growth and macroeconomic stability to include a greater focus on social needs as well as environmental and climate protection. They also urged the summit to send a clear signal that global issues would continue to be addressed in a coordinated, multilateral manner. Read more...


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