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Young economists learn and think with leading scholars about global Solutions.
Aug. 2017- May 2018

Admissions 2017
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Kiel Earth Institute







Kiel Institute for the World Economy


Global Solutions Initiative for Advising G20 Launched

CGP-Logo_standard-blue_rgb.pngThe Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) will continue its policy consulting for the G20 beyond 2017. It has initiated the launch of the "Global Solutions Initiative" to network international research institutes and think tanks to offer advice to the 20 largest industrialized and emerging countries (G20). The heart of the initiative is the Council of Global Problem Solving (CGP), a group of leading institutes dealing with G20 issues. Read more...


The Think 20 Summit begins

The Think 20 Summit begins. Over one thousand participants in Berlin. The Summit will provide 20 Global Solutions for the G20 and is mandated by the German G20 Presidency. The G20 Insights Platform offers policy proposals to the G20. Learn more about the German T20 process online at and join Global Solutions on livestream.


Online Platform Presents Policy Proposals to G20

G20Insight_OG-Image.jpgHow can the G20 ensure sustained progress on climate protection? How can governments leverage the opportunities of digitalization and mitigate the risks? How can migration and asylum policy challenges be overcome? Leading think tanks from the G20 countries have been grappling with these and other key policy issues facing the 20 largest industrialized and emerging economies (G20) and are now presenting their recommendations to the G20 via the Internet platform. 


Joint Economic Forecast Spring 2017: Upturn in Germany Strengthens in Spite of Global Economic Risks.

Hafen Hamburg pixabay cc0The German economy is already in the fifth year of a moderate upturn. According to the Gemeinschaftsdiagnose (GD, joint economic forecast) that was prepared by Germany’s five leading economic research institutes on behalf of the Federal Government, capacity utilization is gradually increasing, and aggregate production capacities are now likely to have slightly exceeded their normal utilisation levels. Read more...


G20 Should Strengthen Climate Protection

Green Energy © mustafa deliormanli - iStockphotoThe G20 should strengthen its commitment for climate protection and take the lead in implementing the Paris Agreement. This is requested by members of the G20 engagement groups Business 20, Civil 20 and Think 20 in a joint statement. The six signatories include the co-chairs of the T20 Task Force “Climate Policy and Finance”, Céline Bak, Amar Bhattacharya and Ottmar Edenhofer, and the CEO of BASF, Kurt Bock.
Read the statement


Winners of Global Economy Prize Announced

medaille_wwp.jpgThe winners of the Global Economy Prize 2017 have been confirmed. Honored as pioneers of a cosmopolitan, economically liberal, and public-spirited society, this year's laureates are Horst Köhler, former Federal President of Germany, Brunello Cucinelli, Italien fashion designer, Arundhati Bhattacharya, Indian banker and Assar Lindbeck, Swedish economist. Read more...


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T20 Summit in cooperation with Global Economic Symposium
29.–31. Mai 2017, Berlin