Special Topics

The Area Special Topics is preparing profound economic policy analyses, including analyses on specific economic areas as well as the regular report on subsidies “Kieler Subventionsbericht". It is also publishing the Institute‘s in-house series “Kiel Policy Brief” and “Kieler Beiträge zur Wirtschaftspolitik.” Through its activities it generates policy advice on ongoing debates and disseminates this advice to policy makers and decision makers in a broader sense as well as to the general public. The Area is affiliated to the Forecasting Center.

The Area members conduct policy-oriented research with a focus on international and European economic affairs. The results are published in policy-oriented journals, edited volumes, newspapers, and magazines. The Area cooperates with other staff members who are encouraged to prepare policy-oriented publications, and it involves external network partners with compatible expertise. The Area contributes to the Institute’s external communication in various ways: This includes participations in external advisory groups and expert panels as well as presentations at policy-oriented conferences, workshops and other events. The Area also organizes the yearly Kiel Week series of lectures and policy roundtables on several occasions.