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Innovation and Internationalization

Innovation is key to productivity which determines heterogeneous firms’ competitiveness and their propensity to enter foreign markets. On the other hand, foreign experience can stimulate innovation (‘learning by exporting’). Research in this area analyses the complex interrelations between firm level innovation and internationalization. While our research so far has focused on the interrelation between innovation and exporting, the long-run research projects InterSpiN (funded by BMBF) and Kiel Centre for Globalization (funded by Leibniz Community) will allow us to investigate other forms of internationalization – such as international R&D cooperation and integration in global value chains – and their interrelation with innovation as well.

  1. Journal Article

    Banking and Industrialization

    Journal of the European Economic Association
    Stephan Heblich, Alex Trew

    We establish a causal role for banking access in the spread of the Industrial Revolution over the period 1817–1881 by exploiting unique...