LEAC-II - LEarning About Cloud modification under risk and uncertainty: Investigation of feasibility, traceability, Incentives and decentralised governance of limited-area climate engineering

Start of Project 01/2016
End of Project 12/2019

LEAC-II aims to analyze the following questions: i) To which extent is it possible to generate a localised climate response by localised climate engineering (via marine cloud brightening)? ii) What is the spatial correlation of economic preferences with respect to climate variables? iii)  What are possible welfare implications of limited-area climate engineering when countries implement limited-area climate engineering and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in an uncoordinated way? iv) What does it take to detect and attribute a localised effect of a climate engineering measure, and to reject the hypothesis that climate events outside the targeted area are affected by the climate engineering measure? v)How to regulate limited-area CE most efficiently, given the uncertainties in predictability and traceability?

Partners: University Kiel; University Leipzig