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Under the current process of global change, one of the key challenges for land use decisions is to sustainably use biomass to feed a growing world population, to substitute fossil fuels by renewable and storable energy, and to preserve ecosystems. In order to provide solutions to these challenges, it is key to understand the interconnected processes of global change and their impact on the scare resources land and water, as well as the trade-offs faced in the use of biomass. Research questions are:

  • What are suitable policy measures for shaping the transformation process to sustainable development taking international repercussions on global markets into account?
  • How does global change impact on land use and how are natural habitats, ecosystems, and their services affected?
  • How can the scarce resource water be used in a sustainable way?

To analyze and answer these research questions we employ the global computable general equilibrium (CGE) model DART in different versions.


  • Dr. Tobias Heimann



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