Global Challenges Center


G20 Insights

The Kiel Institute has set up the online platform G20 Insights, which offers policy recommendations to the G20, analyses of these recommendations, and monitoring on implementation progress. Through its collection, analysis and monitoring of policy recommendations, the G20 Insights platform aims at directing the attention of policy makers, business leaders and civil society leaders to major global challenges and highlighting potentially effective responses. Thereby the platform becomes a tool for promoting consistency and coherence of policy focus, as well as transparency and accountability across G20 Presidencies. The Policy Briefs are produced by Task Forces from the Think 20 (T20) Group and other sources.

Global Solutions Papers

Global Solutions Papers contain recommendations or visions for G20 policy-makers that deal with major global challenges. Recommendations are concrete proposals for policies or actions that G20 policy-makers can implement. Visions help policy makers think about appropriate ways of thinking about and approaching policy making and enable policy makers to communicate these approaches to the public. The articles are research-based and are written in nontechnical language appropriate for a broad spectrum of readers, including economic decision makers and participants in economic policy discussions.

Global Solutions Papers


The Global Challenges Center is involved in the organization of topical workshops and in the Mercator Dialogue on Migration and Asylum (MEDAM). The project combines academic research with an ongoing policy dialogue and produces assessment reports for academics, policy-makers and the wider public.

Think 20 Dialogue

In 2016, the Kiel Institute was mandated by the Federal Chancellery to chair the Think 20, the G20 engagement group of think tanks (jointly with the German Development Institute, DIE, Bonn). Under leadership of the Kiel Institute and the DIE, the T20 process has been restructured and has been organized around working groups, producing Policy Briefs focused on policy themes that are on the G20 agenda. In addition, the work was published on the web platform and was made available to the German government.

Council for Global Problem-Solving

Initiated in 2015, the Council for Global Problem-Solving (CGP) comprises some of the most reputed and influential think tanks in G20 countries committed to providing long-term policy advice to the G20 and associated international organizations. The CGP seeks to support the work of the T20, a network of international think tanks for the G20, on a long-term basis. It is also meant to become an important resource for other G20 groups seeking a research-based exchange of ideas on global challenges. The CGP member institutes are known for their excellent research capacity on global challenges and for their political connections in their respective countries.