Global Challenges Center


Global Solutions Initiative

The GSI provides an independent, structured process to intellectually accompany the G20, G7 and other international fora in the longer term, by establishing a permanent world-leading intellectual platform for a global dialogue on major G20 challenges, giving coherent policy advice, monitoring progress and evaluating the implementations. It brings together different communities of stakeholders.

In particular,

  • the think tank community, like the Council of Global Problem-Solving, and
  • the community of G20 stakeholders, which includes policy-makers and representatives from business, civil society and international organizations,

can become part of the long-term oriented initiative and provide recommendations for the G20 or enter an ongoing dialogue about the global challenges to be addressed by the G20 and other multilateral institutions.

Council for Global Problem-Solving

Initiated in 2015, the Council for Global Problem-Solving (CGP) comprises some of the most reputed and influential think tanks in G20 countries committed to providing long-term policy advice to the G20 and associated international organizations. The CGP seeks to support the work of the T20, a network of international think tanks for the G20, on a long-term basis. It is also meant to become an important resource for other G20 groups seeking a research-based exchange of ideas on global challenges. The CGP member institutes are known for their excellent research capacity on global challenges and for their political connections in their respective countries.

Selected activities of the CGP

  • In July 2016, the Global Challenges Center organized a workshop on “Preparing for a successful 2017 German G20 Presidency,” jointly with the Australian Think Tank Lowy Institute. The workshop included numerous scholars from the CGP members, including Brookings, Bruegel, CIGI, Stiftung Mercator, Lowy and the Kiel Institute.
  • In September 2017, the Global Challenges Center hosted an academic workshop on „Shaping Digitalisation at a Global Level“, where international scholars presented their recent work on digitalization issues.