Colorful, international flags in front of the Kiel Institute.

Global Challenges Center

The Global Challenges Center supports the Kiel Institute’s international think tank activities and aims at making the Institute a leading developer and provider of solutions for global economic challenges.

Global Solutions Initiative (GSI)

The Global Challenges Center’s major activity is the Global Solutions Initiative (GSI) is a multi-stakeholder process, which develops research-based solutions to address global challenges. It targets decision-makers of the G20, the G7, and other international multilateral institutions. The annual conference Global Solutions in Berlin connects the contributors to the GSI and provides a platform for the presentation of solutions proposals and discussion with potential implementers of these solutions.

Think Tank Network

The Kiel Institute is a founding member of the international research and think tank network Council for Global Problem-Solving (CGP). It comprises some of the most reputed and influential think tanks around the world, committed to providing long-term policy advice to the G20. The CGP provides the research base of the GSI. The Global Challenges Center is responsible for the coordination of the CGP activities.

Conferences and Workshops

The Global Challenges Center organizes conferences and workshops that support the Global Solutions Initiative. The annual high-level summit Global Solutions brings together leading decision-makers from academia, business, policy and civil society to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. The Global Economic Symposium in Kiel presents deep dives into specific issues on the G20 agenda. It provides a platform for academic exchange and an opportunity to reach out to the local community.

Publication Series

In two publication series, we provide research-based recommendations dealing with major G20 issues, targeted at policy-makers and other G20 stakeholders. G20 Insights is a collection of Policy Briefs, produced by Task Forces from the Think 20 Dialogue (T20) and other sources. Global Solutions Papers contain articles proposing concrete policy actions or ways to communicate policy approaches to the public, targeted at policy-makers and other participants in policy discussions. Global Solutions Papers go through a rigorous peer review process.

Think 20 Dialogue

During the German G20 presidency in 2017, the Global Challenges Center coordinated the T20 process together with the German Development Institute (DIE). The policy recommendations for the G20, produced by Task Forces from the Think 20 (T20) group, can be found at

An overview of our T20 activities is available at


Marion Glowatzka - Institut für Weltwirtschaft (IfW) / Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Marion Glowatzka

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Cornelia Gold

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