Research Seminar

Improving food price spike warning systems — Zia Mehrabi & Ginni Braich

07 Oct 2019

Institut für Weltwirtschaft


Zia Mehrabi (University of British Columbia) and Ginni Braich (University of British Columbia)


Food prices volatility has an impact on the people's ability to access food, but how do we know when a shift in prices actually results in food no longer being unaffordable? In this talk we will present a new pipeline for generating food price spike alerts focusing on the amount of money that would be required to purchase enough basic food to meet minimum dietary energy requirements. Our new index incorporating food baskets, and incomes, offers an easy integrated time sensitive assessment of the number of people that cannot afford to meet their energy requirements given local food price volatility.


Zia Mehrabi (University of British Columbia)  and Ginni Braich (University of British Columbia)


Media Room (A-211)