KCG Lunch-time Seminar

The Development of Russia’s Political and Economic relations with China — Mieczysław Sprengel

10 Jun 2022


Prof. UAM dr hab. Mieczysław Sprengel (Adam Mickiewicz University)


Henry Kissinger writes in his book On China on the first page of Chapter 18 The New Millennium about a new reality for China and the United States. He writes that "the United States and China knew they needed each other, but they were too big to dominate, too unusual to change, and too necessary for each other to allow isolation. After that, could they find common goals?" This question is crucial not only for Russian-American relations, but in the context of these relations, it is very much connected with Russian-Chinese relations. The research questions in this presentation concern: when did the Russian-Chinese relations change and what influenced the possible change of these relationships? How are these relationships shaped today and what can they look like in the future? The aim of this presentation is the answer to the above questions. The thesis for this material is: Russian-Chinese relations depend heavily on the US policy.


Lecture Hall (A-032)