KCG Lunch-time Seminar

Dynamics and Developments of Chinese M&A Transactions in the wake of the BRI. A comparison of Germany and CEEC — Paulina Kintzinger & Florian Horky

24 Jun 2022


Paulina Kintzinger (London School of Economic and Political Science)
Florian Horky (Zeppelin University)


China's "Belt-and-Road" initiative is one of the largest economic policy projects in history to date. It comes hand in hand with investments in almost all areas of life in nearly all countries of the world. In this article, dynamics of Chinese M&A activities in Europe related to the BRI are investigated. Germany as Europe's largest economy is compared with the countries of the 17+1 Forum by using a modern sequential explanatory mixed-methods research design. The investigation shows along the four identified main fields: general scope, dynamics over time, sectoral focus and short-term financial development of target companies, crucial differences but also similarities of the regions studied. Based on the quantitative results as well as the in-depth expert insights, implications for politics and business are finally derived.


Virtually via Zoom
If interested, please send an Email to kcg-conference@ifw-kiel.de to receive a Zoom-Link to the seminar.