Kiel Institute Summer School

The New Global Division of Labour

28 - 03 Jun - Jul 2009

The recent wave of globalisation has challenged the traditional paradigm on which our view of the international division of labour was based.  A new paradigm is gradually evolving and the purpose of the Summer School is to take stock of these developments and assess their policy implications.
The Summer School addresses graduate students with a strong academic record and a keen interest in policy issues, and young members of policy institutions, such as ministries and international organisations, with a graduate degree. The size of the group is limited to 25 participants.
The courses combine a thorough theoretical and methodical underpinning with a clear policy orientation on “how to put theory into practice”. Students are expected to participate actively in debates on the topics discussed in class.

The Speakers

David Autor, MIT
Jorgen Elmeskov, OECD
James Markusen, University of Colorado at Boulder
Peter Neary, Oxford University
Giovanni Peri, University of California at Davis
Dennis J. Snower, Kiel Institute