Kiel Institute Summer School

Globalization and Development

29 - 06 Jun - Jul 2008

The aim of the Kiel Institute Summer School on Economic Policy (KISSEP) 2008 is to permit top-flight graduate students, as well as young policy makers with a graduate degree background the opportunity to gain state-of-the-art insights on what we know about the impact of globalization on growth, inequality, and poverty in the developing world. In 7 days, 25 carefully selected graduate students will study the challenges of globalization for developing countries with a focus on trade and migration. Furthermore, they will analyze appropriate policy responses and the role of international assistance in this process.
The courses combine a thorough theoretical and methodical underpinning with a clear policy orientation on “how to put theory into practice”. Students are expected to participate actively in lively debates in a friendly and open atmosphere on the topics discussed during the lessons

The Speakers

Hillel Rapoport, Bar-Ilan University
James A. Robinson, Harvard University
Dennis J. Snower, Kiel Institute
Finn Tarp, University of Copenhagen
Jeffrey G. Williamson, Harvard University
L. Alan Winters, University of Susse