Kiel Institute Summer School

From Kyoto to Paris | Next Step Glasgow: The Economics of Climate Change

01 - 04 Sep 2021

The aim of the ASP Kiel Institute Summer School on Economic Policy (KISSEP) 2021 is to permit PhD students and researchers from various discipline and think thanks, as well as young policy practitioners with a graduate degree background opportunity to gaining state-of-the-art insights on what we know about the economics of climate change taught by leading researchers in the area of the economics of climate change, reflecting upon the changes in climate policies since the establishment of the Kyoto Protocol.

In four days, selected participants will study the challenges of climate change with a focus on research-based policy advice. Students are expected to participate actively in lively debates in a friendly and open atmosphere on the topics discussed during the lessons. On the fourth day, participants join a larger community of local, regional and international stakeholders at the “Lecture Day” organized by the Kiel Institute at the Christian-Albrecht University. The ambition of the lecture day is to better understand the environmental challenges facing the world economy from the perspective of academic, policy and business practitioners.

The speakers

  • Nicolas Koch (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change)
  • Wilfried Rickels (Kiel Institute for the World Economy)
  • Nicholas Stern (London School of Economics and Politics)
  • Christian Träger (University of Oslo)
  • Peter Zapfel (European Commission)