EES Conference

Labor Markets After the Great Recession

03 - 04 Dec 2010

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, as part of the "Ensuring Economic and Employment Stability" network, are organizing a conference on labor markets after the Great Recession, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia on December 3-4, 2010. The conference aims to bring together high-quality research that is at the intersection of labor economics and macroeconomics. John Haltiwanger (University of Maryland), Guiseppe Moscarini (Yale University), Dale Mortensen (Northwestern University) and Richard Rogerson (Arizona State University) have confirmed their participation. The conference enabled participants to discuss recent research on labor markets conducted in the aftermath of the most recent financial and economic crisis. Among the key issues that the papers have addressed are: the interaction of financial markets and labor markets, dissecting recent developments in unemployment (to what extent is it structural and cyclical), and the role of the housing market and worker mobility for labor market developments.

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia