Advanced Studies Program

Macroeconomics in Open Economies - Cedric Tille

30 - 10 Jul - Aug 2018

The course is taught by Cedric Tille (Geneva) and consists of two main parts. We first review the major building blocks of international economics. In the second part, we focus more extensively on selected topics that have been prominent areas of research in recent years.

24105 Kiel
Kiellinie 66

The primary reference for the class is the textbook by Obstfeld and Rogoff (1996). We also draw on selected chapters of the recent textbook by Carlos Vegh (2014):
Obstfeld, Maurice, and Kenneth Rogoff (1996). Foundations of International Macroeconomics, MIT Press, Cambridge.
Vegh, Carlos (2014). Open Economy Macroeconomics in Developing Countries, MIT Press, Cambridge.

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