Advanced Studies Program

Firms and Workers in the Global Marketplace - Penelopi Goldberg

13 - 17 Aug 2018

The main objectives of the course given by Penelopi Goldberg (Yale) are: (1) Make you familiar with some of the most important and policy-relevant questions in the field of International Trade as well as the methodologies used to address them; (2) Teach you how to critically evaluate empirical work in this area and Applied Microeconomics more generally; (3) Provide you with the tools to start your own research.

24105 Kiel
Kiellinie 66

The course is primarily oriented towards microeconomic empirical work, but the empirical work discussed will typically have a close tie to a theoretical model. The basic structure of the course will involve presentation and discussion of papers. Active participation from you through questions and comments will make for a better course!


Prof. Penny Goldberg, University of Yale

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