Advanced Studies Program

The Governance of Trade and Investment in a New Era of Globalisation

15 Sep 2017

This course is an advanced seminar to examine some of the most significant contemporary issues facing the global regime for trade and investment. Its purpose is to provide participants with an understanding of the main theories, policies and principles underpnning the multilateral and regional economic policy governance, as well as key rule-making dynamics and challenges in negotiations and institutions. It will start with an exploration of relevant theories that explain the genesis and evolution of trade institutions, and review the principles, scope, functions, and structure of the GATT and the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The course will address the challenges presented by deeper economic integration, notably with respect to services and investment. We will examine the evolving landscape of regional trade agreements (RTAs), including recent mega-reginal negotiations, and consider the implications for the multilateral regime. Using case studies and a trade negotiation simulation exercise, participants will explore current controversies in international trade policy-making processes.

Institut für Weltwirtschaft