NORCE is a broadly based, multidisciplinary non-profit research institute carrying out research and development in the fields of technology, health care, environment, climate, energy and social sciences.

NORCE’s climate research department has particular strengths in understanding the Earth system across multiple spatial and temporal scales, dynamical modelling of the Earth system, and understanding past to future climate variability and change. NORCE Climate is both a partner in the Norwegian Climate Service Centre and one of four partners constituting the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, one of Europe’s leading climate research centres. NORCE Climate has an internationally renowned biogeochemical oceanography research group with expertise in both modelling and observing the large-scale biogeochemical state of the ocean.

NORCE’s social science department has leading expertise in advanced survey research, qualitative and quantitative text analysis, quantitative methods, social science data management and research on local and regional climate and energy governance including both mitigation and adaptation. NORCE Society works closely together with the Norwegian Citizen Panel and the Digital Social Science Core Facility (DIGSSCORE), a leading national social science infrastructure.

The IfW cooperates with the climate research in the project IMPOSE and the social science department in the project PerCCSeptions.