Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat e.V.

The Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat e.V. (IWS) was founded in 2013. The IWS is a professional network with a refined understanding of commercial and political matters. It combines business and academia, and helps those in political spheres understand the business perspective on issues faced by all. The goal of the IWS is to support the common good in German and European politics, and it does so by developing relationships with educational institutions and coaching the next generation. The IWS and its Senators see it as their mission to act based on the traditional values of the ‘honourable merchant’ in the contemporary era.

The IWS regularly supports the autumn event of our International Business Cycle Conference "Kieler Konjunkturgespräche". Prof. Dr. Stefan Kooths, head of the Kiel Institute's Forecasting Center, is also a member of the IWS Executive Committee, and there is an ongoing exchange with the Kiel Institute throughout the year.