Leibniz Research Alliance INFECTIONS

The Leibniz Forschungsverbund (LFV) “INFECTIONS in an Urbanizing World – Humans, Animals, Environments” (InfUrb) produces interdisciplinary research across several sections of the Leibniz Association, conceived of and delivered by a close and committed network of relevant Leibniz partners, associated Leibniz partners and non-Leibniz research institutions. This networking is designed to generate strong and long-term synergies for tackling one of the most important health and societal challenges facing the world today, namely infectious diseases, specifically those caused by antimicrobial resistant (AMR) germs in urbanizing societies. A range of endemic infectious diseases are major drivers of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Moreover, humankind is increasingly challenged by newly emerging infectious agents that are often zoonotic in nature, such as the recent coronavirus outbreak. The Kiel Institute’s Global Health Research Group contributes research on the international spread of AMR, the role of incentives and novel strategies for improving the capacity of resource-poor countries to fight AMR.