Initiatives & Networks

Ensuring Economic and Employment Stability (EES)

The research area “Macroeconomic Policy under Market Imperfections” organizes the research- and policy-oriented network “Ensuring Economic and Employment Stability” (EES), which addresses the link between business cycles, labor market frictions and unemployment. This includes the questions how business cycles and macroeconomic stabilization policy affect unemployment, how wages fluctuate over the business cycle, and how labor market frictions and labor market institutions affects business cycle dynamics. By organizing scientific conferences each year, the network brings together leading researchers in the field to discuss cutting edge research.

Among the participants of our workshops and conferences were Peter Diamond, Christohper Pissarides and Dale Mortensen (all three winners of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics), as well as Lawrence Christiano, Martin Eichenbaum, Jordi Galí, Robert Hall, John Haltiwanger, Per Krusell, Guiseppe Moscarini, Richard Rogerson, Robert Shimer, Harald Uhlig and Carl Walsh.