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Management and Committees

Information about the Kiel Institute's Management and official bodies and positions.

The general development of the Kiel Institute is steered by the Presidential Department and the Board of Governors. The Scientific Advisory Council offers valuable counsel and support. In general flat hierarchy and decentral organization are a key features of the Kiel Institute.


Prof. Dr. Sonja Peterson is scientific director at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and honorary professor at the CAU Kiel. Sonja Peterson is member of the research area The Environment and Natural Resources.

Birgit Austen - Institut für Weltwirtschaft (IfW) / Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Birgit Austen is administrative director at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy heading the administration as well as the other support centers.

Contact Directors

Gunda Böhm,
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Guido Warlimont,
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The Kiel Institute for the World Economy is a legally responsible foundation under public law of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. The Board of Governors advises and decides on financial and fundamental matters concerning the Kiel Institute. It supervises the legality und and economic efficiency of its executive management. Every two years, the Board of Governors reports to the supervising authority, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Science and Equality of Schleswig-Holstein, on the activities of the foundation and its institutions. Members of the Board of Governors exercise their office in an honorary capacity.

The Board of Governors has currently the following members:

Voting members

  1. Dr. Oliver Grundei, State Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Cultural Affairs of Schleswig Holstein (head of Board of Governors)
  2. Doris Roloff, Ministry for Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Technology of Schleswig-Holstein
  3. Dr. Stefan Profit, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
  4. Torsten Arnswald, Federal Ministry of Finance
  5. Prof. Dr. Lutz Kipp, President of the CAU
  6. Prof. Dr. Till Requate, Institute for Economics at the Christian-Albrechts-University (CAU), Kiel, and Decan of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, CAU, representing the IfW Scientific Advisory Council
  7. Dr. Wilhelm Krull, Secretary General of the Volkswagen Foundation, representing private foundations

Advisory members

  1. Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann, Director of the Foundation „Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften – Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft (ZBW)“
  2. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Gern, head of the IfW Employee Council
  3. Dr. Tobias Stöhr, member of the IfW Employee Council
  4. Sylvia Künne, IfW Ombudsperson for Equal Treatment
  5. IfW President
  6. Prof. Dr. Sonja Peterson, IfW Scientific Director
  7. Birgit Austen, IfW Adiministrative Director

The Scientific Advisory Council provides advice in scientific and economic issues to the Board of Governors and the Presidential Department.


  • Prof. J. Michael Orszag, Ph.D. (Vorsitzender)
  • Prof. Ester Faia, Ph.D.
  • Prof. Dr. Kai A. Konrad
  • Prof. Dr. Krisztina Kris-Katos
  • Prof. Dr. Till Requate
  • Prof. Phillipp Schröder, Ph.D.
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Sutter

The Kiel Institute Management Board advises the Presidium in overarching, strategic and topical issues. It is comprised of the members of the Presidential Department, five senior researchers from the various program areas – each of whom are appointed by the President for two years – and the head of communication.


Director: Prof. Dr. Sonja Peterson; Birgit Austen, M.A.

Senior Researcher: Prof. Holger Görg, Ph.D., Dr. Wan-Hsin Liu, Prof. Dr. Matthias Lücke, Prof. Dr. Rainer Thiele

Postdoc spokesperson: Dr. Martin Ademmer

Head Communication: Guido Warlimont

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Substitute member

  • Mathias Rauck


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The Employee Council also acts as Ombudsman for the Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz (General Law on Equal Treatment). 

Ombuds person for disabled persons:
Sabine Baethe,
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  • Sylvia Künne (Chair)
  • Dr. Birgit Wolfrath (Deputy Chair)

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Guido Warlimont,

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