Flat hierarchy and decentral organization are key features of the Kiel Institute. The Board of Governors and the Presidential Department are responsible for the general development of the Institute. The Scientific Advisory Council offers valuable counsel and support.

In 1914, the Kiel Institute for the World Economy was founded by Bernhard Harms as “Königliches Institut für Seeverkehr und Weltwirtschaft” (Royal Institute for Marine Transport and World Economy). Today the Institute is an independent foundation under public law of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.

The Board of Governors advises and decides on financial and fundamental matters concerning the Kiel Institute. Head of the Board is Dr. Oliver Grundei, State Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Cultural Affairs of Schleswig Holstein. Additionally, the Scientific Advisory Council counsels and supports the Institute and especially the Presidential Department. The Council is currently headed by Prof. Philipp Schröder, PhD.

The Kiel Institute is a member of the Leibniz Association and independent public-law foundation of the federal state Schleswig-Holstein.


Research and Consulting

Main task of the Kiel Institute is economic research and policy consulting. Its currently nine Research Centers focus on different topics, but they are strongly cross-linked and their activities go hand in hand and cross-fertilize each other.

Research Centers


The Kiel Institute promotes the training of young researchers with different programs, which are based on the current topics and methods of economic research.

Education Activities

Society for the Advancement of the Kiel Institute

The Kiel Institute receives financial and non-material support from the Society for the Advancement of the Kiel Institute e.V., an independent and non-profit association that includes individuals, companies and federations.

Support us

Club of Economic Sciences

Independently of the Kiel Institute, the Club of Economic Sciences (WWC, founded in 1920) brings together people close to the Institute for discussion and exchange of experience and regularly invites to lectures.

Club of Economic Sciences

Management and Services

President Gabriel Felbermayr

The Presidential Department is assisted in its management tasks by various official bodies, each with different tasks. The service centers at the Kiel Institute ensure a smooth process in the background.

Presidential Department and Service Centers