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Research Grants

The Center Research Grants offers internal support for all third-party funded research regarding the search for appropriate funding as well as the administrative management including joint submissions of a proposals, where the Center Research Grants could take full responsibility for all administrative work (for instance, in the case of large EU projects). The following detailled information is to be found on the intranet:


  • Current open calls
  • Overview on third-party funded research projects at IfW
  • Search for research grants:
    • According to sources of fundings for research projects
      DFG, EU, foundations, commissioned research (Federal Government Germany), international organisations, central banks
    • According to specific actions intended
      Post-graduate scholarships/awards, financial support for post-docs, visiting scholars programs, travel cost reimbursement, conferences
  • Support for application and processing of proposals



 (Tel -338, room A-029)
 (Tel -494, room H-8a)