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Achieving Climate Neutrality and Paris Agreement Goals: Opportunities for Ocean-Based Methods of Carbon Dioxide Removal, Science Policy Brief.

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Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to reach net zero.

There is a consensus in scientific climate research that humanity will only curb global warming and the resulting climate impacts if it reduces its carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions to net zero. But even with ambitious climate policies, experts believe that we will still be emitting residual amounts of CO₂ (5 and 15 percent of current CO₂ emissions) by the middle of the 21st century, thus further driving global warming. These residual emissions will be generated, for example, in cement and steel production, in air and heavy-duty transport, but also in agriculture and waste incineration.


David Keller
Sandra Ketelhake
Judith Meyer
Barbara Neumann
Andreas Oschlies
Alexander Proelß


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