Rajeev Goel, Ph.D.

Topics: Fiscal Policy & National Budgets, Growth, Innovation

Rajeev Goel, PhD | Kiel Institute


Main research interests

  • public economics
  • economics of technological change
  • applied microeconomics

Since January 2018, Rajeev K. Goel is a member of the research area “Innovation and International Competition.” He is Professor of Economics at Illinois State University. He serves on the editorial boards of several economics journals and has authored two books. Over the course of time, he has held positions at the Indian Institute of Management, ZEW, Bank of Finland, Tata Energy Research Institute and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research interest lies in public economics, the economics of technological change and applied microeconomics. At the Kiel Institute, he participates in the project “Knowledge Creation and Growth in Emerging Economies” where he will in particular contribute his expertise with respect to the international transfer of knowledge and technologies.


  • Outstanding College Researcher, Illinois State University
  • Outstanding University Researcher, Illinois State University
  • Bergson Prize for the best paper published in Comparative Economic Studies