Dr. Matthias Raddant

Topics: Financial Markets, Globalization, Economic & Financial Crises

Matthias Raddant - Institut für Weltwirtschaft (IfW) / Kiel Institute for the World Economy


Main research interests

  • Financial Markets
  • Networks
  • Complex Systems

since 05/2011: Researcher at the Kiel Institute

since 08/2012: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, CAU Kiel

08/2013  - 07/2014: Acting Head, Research Area Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Activity

08/2007 - 07/2012: Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, CAU Kiel

2006-2007: HSH Nordbank AG Kiel, Leasing

until 2007: Studies of Economics at Kiel University

Journal Article

Persistence in corporate networks

Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination
Laura Birg , Mishael Milakovic , Matthias Raddant

We examine the bipartite graphs of German corporate boards in 1993, 1999 and 2005, focusing on their projections onto directors (the...

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