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Sharing responsibility for refugees and expanding legal immigration

2017 MEDAM Assessment Report on Asylum and Migration Policies in Europe

How can the responsibility for refugees be distributed more fairly – globally and within the EU? And how can we curb irregular migration while expanding legal immigration to the benefit of all concerned? The large number of refugees and other migrants who have come to Europe over the last two years has caused the EU member states that received most of the asylum seekers, to reach their capacity limits. With a view to new arrivals and their long-term integration, it is now necessary to develop new and, above all, common strategies to address the migration flows to Europe.

The 2017 MEDAM Assessment Report focuses on two core Messages:

  • Distribute the responsibility for refugees more equitably
  • Extending legal immigration from non-EU Member States into EU member state


Mehtap Akgüç
Mikkel Barslund
Anna Di Bartolomeo
Rezart Hoxhaj
Mauro Lanati
Nadzeya Laurentsyeva
Lars Ludolph
Afaf Rahim
Alessandra Venturini