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Flexible Solidarity: A comprehensive strategy for asylum and immigration in the EU

2018 MEDAM Assessment Report on Asylum and Migration Policies in Europe

Cover MEDAM Assessment Report 2018

The EU faces major challenges in asylum and migration policy: reorganize the EU asylum system, secure the external border, curb irregular immigration through cooperation with African governments, and support developing countries that host large numbers of refugees from Syria and elsewhere. These challenges are inter-connected and require a comprehensive approach with broad support by all EU member states. However, member states are affected by immigration in substantially different ways and the political preferences of policy makers and voters also vary widely–necessitating implementable proposals to overcome the EU’s asylum and immigration impasse.

In the 2018 MEDAM Assessment Report, we propose a comprehensive strategy for EU asylum and immigration policies that is both politically feasible and effective, based on the concept of flexible solidarity between EU member states.


Esther Ademmer - Kiel Institute
Esther Ademmer
Dr. Mikkel Barslund
Mikkel Barslund
Davin Bencek - Kiel Institute
David Benček
Mattia Di Salvo
Mattia Di Salvo
Dr. Rezart Hoxhaj
Rezart Hoxhaj
Chiara Pizzuti
Merlin Ole Pratsch
Afaf Rahim
Heliodoro Temprano Arroyo
Prof. Dr. Alessandra Venturini
Alessandra Venturini
Dr. Carolina Viviana Zuccotti
Carolina Viviana Zuccotti