Julian Vehrke

Topics: International Trade, Innovation

Julian Vehrke - Kiel Institute


Main research interests

  • Innovation and Growth Economics
  • International Trade and Global Sourcing
  • International Political Economy

Julian Vehrke joined the research area "Innovation and International Competition" as research associate in March 2016. He is has a bachelor's degree (2011) and a master's degree from Kiel University in Eocnomics (2014).

He is currently part of a team that does the accompanying research in a BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) funded project on the "Internationalization of leading-edge cluster, future projects and comparable networks" (short: InterSpiN.

His research interests include international trade (determinants of the internationalization of heterogeneous firms / interplay of local embeddedness and global sourcing) and innovation economics (technology policy / international R&D cooperation).