Gianluca Grimalda, Ph.D.

Topics: Migration, Behavioral Economics, Welfare State

Gianluca Grimalda, Ph.D. | Kiel Institute


Main research interests

  • Income Inequality
  • Cooperation
  • Immigration
  • Social cohesion
  • Violence

I am an experimental economist interested in the psychological and cultural bases of human cooperation, particularly in an international context. I participated in the OECD-led Trustlab project, measuring trust in others and in governments internationally. I have directed experimental research in developing countries such as Colombia and Papua New Guinea. My research has been published in inter-disciplinary journals such as PNAS and Nature Communications. I have been a coordinating author in the International Panel on Social Progress, and taskforce chair on "Social cohesion and global inequality" in the Think20 network, providing policy advice to the G20.


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    @dwallacewells Cd u plz point me to this review?I'm surprised none (AFAIK) tried this exercise:Sum up carbon offsetting pledges through af/reforestation of major companies+govts & see how much land would be needed. My guess is only territory 100 times as large as Africa would accomodate it.