Prof. Gernot Klepper, Ph.D.

Topics: Climate, Natural Resources, Sustainable Development

 Prof. Gernot Klepper, Ph.D. | Kiel Institute


Main research interests

  • Climate Change and Climate Policy
  • eco-political instruments
  • sustainable development
  • interdisciplinary research
  • alternative energy sources
  • global environmental problems

Gernot Klepper is a Senior Researcher at the Kiel Institute. Since 2014, he coordinates the Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change which accompanies and supports the BMBF funding measure Economics of Climate Change II. He has been for many years Head of the Research Center Global Commons and Climate Policy at the Kiel Institute and Speaker of the Kiel Earth Institute. An economist by training (University of Heidelberg), Gernot Klepper received a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics (University of Kentucky, USA). His research interests center on climate mitigation with a focus on modeling and analyzing the impact of climate policy instruments. Especially, the role of natural resources such as land and water in the climate system and their contribution to climate change as well as mitigation are among his research topics.

He is involved in numerous networking and consulting activities: He was for many years Chairman of the National Committee on Global Change Research of the German Research Foundation (DFG) and a research fellow of the CEPR. Currently, he is Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Chairman of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification Association (ISCC e.V.), Co-chair of the German Climate Consortium (DKK), among others.