Claas Schneiderheinze

Topics: Africa, Climate, Emerging Markets & Developing Countries, Europe, Migration

Claas Schneiderheinze - Kiel Institute


Main research interests

  • Migration decision in developing countries
  • Interdependencies between migration and development
  • Rural development
  • Climate and environment-related migration

Before joining the Kiel Institute, Claas Schneiderheinze completed a Bachelor of Economics in Kiel and a Master of Development Economics in Göttingen. In September of 2016 he joined the Kiel Institute’s Research Center "International Development" as a research fellow and PhD candidate.

He participates in the Mercator Dialog on Asylum and Migration (MEDAM) and his main sphere of activity is African migration. More specifically, he investigates the implications of environmental and demographic change for internal and international migration. Additionally, he takes part in the T20 Task Force on Migration and advises the G20 on regional migration governance.