Journal Article

Social science research to inform solar geoengineering

Science, Vol 374, Issue 6569, pp. 815-818

As the prospect of average global warming exceeding 1.5°C becomes increasingly likely, interest in supplementing mitigation and adaptation with solar geoengineering (SG) responses will almost certainly rise. For example stratospheric aerosol injection to cool the planet could offset some of the warming for a given accumulation of atmospheric greenhouse gases (1). However, the physical and social science literature on SG remains modest compared with mitigation and adaptation. We outline three research themes for advancing policy-relevant social science related to SG: (i) SG costs, benefits, risks, and uncertainty; (ii) the political economy of SG deployment; and (iii) SG’s role in a climate strategy portfolio.


Joseph E. Aldy
Tyler Felgenhauer
William A. Pizer
Massimo Tavoni
Mariia Belaia
Mark E. Borsuk
Arunabha Ghosh
Garth Heutel
Daniel Heyen
Joshua Horton
David Keith
Juan Moreno-Cruz
Jesse L. Reynolds
Katharine Ricke
Soheil Shayegh
Wake Smith
Simone Tilmes
Gernot Wagner
Jonathan B. Wiener