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Leading Thinkers Program

The Kiel Institute has initiated an ongoing series of events called "Leading Thinkers in Global Economic Affairs".


kugel The program is meant to provide a forum for learning, discussion and debate on fundamental policy problems facing the global economy. These problems may arise from the process of globalization or represent common challenges facing countries around the world.

kugel The program assembles economists who have made an outstanding contribution in formulating new policy responses to global challenges, but whose ideas have not yet been transported into policy making practice.

kugel The aim of the program is to create a community of academic researchers, policy makers and business personalities, in order to explore these policy innovations. The nature of the discussion is meant to exploit the complementarities among academia, politics and business in examining responses to the important global challenges nowadays.

kugel The goal of the Leading Thinkers Program is to analyze global economic problems and seek possible solutions that improve incentives for economic activity based on individual initiative and responsibility, and thereby promote social justice.



The Leading Thinkers Program has four components:

wwcht2 a Distinguished Lecture Series, in which the new policy ideas are presented,

wwcht2 a Discussion Session, in which participants deepen their understanding of the policy innovation and discuss policy alternatives,

wwcht2 an Economic Policy Circle, which is a round-table debate, taking place over lunch or dinner, among a limited number of participants (between 10 and 20) taken from academia, politics and business,

wwcht2 a Virtual Research Community, in which ongoing web-based communication concerning the policy innovations can take place and virtual libraries are assembled.


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