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IfW Centenary Conference

“Fair and Sustainable Prosperity in the Global Economy”


June 13 – 14, 2014 in Kiel (Germany)

The expansion of the global economy has brought not only large benefits but also major problems. Whereas the integration of China and other developing countries into the world economy has raised incomes in these countries substantially and freed millions of people from poverty, the globalization process also went along with increasing environmental problems (both at the local and the global level), and often also with increasing income differentials within countries where a substantial share of the population was excluded from participating in the overall economic expansion. As a result, concepts of sustainability and fairness have become more prominent in economic policy discussions. Criticism has also been voiced against the traditional emphasis on GDP, and approaches for wider concepts of prosperity which include also non-material components find increased attention. The conference will cover various aspects of the question “how to promote growing prosperity that is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable” and explore their interconnectedness.

Growth & Prosperity:

(Keynotes: Fabrizio Zillibotti, University of Zurich; Marc Fleurbaey, Princeton University)

    • What sort of prosperity should we promote?
    • How can we take account of both material and non-material sources of wellbeing?
    • How can international trade and financial linkages be re-shaped to promote prosperity?

Environmental Sustainability:

(Keynotes: Ottmar Edenhofer, Mercator Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, TU Berlin; Geoffrey Heal, Columbia University

    • Which environmental resources and services should be passed from one generation to the next?
    • In the face of uncertainty, which principles of environmental sustainability shall we adopt?
    • What are effective policies for promoting sustainability?

Social inclusiveness & Inequality:

(Keynotes: Ann Harrison, Wharton University, Uwe Sunde, University of Munich)

    • What sort of social inclusiveness shall we strive for?
    • What are the global and intra-national goals and ways of inclusiveness?
    • How is pro-poor growth to be promoted?