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Conferences and Workshops

In addition to the traditional biannual International Business Cycle Conference which is organized by the Forecasting Center and Workshops which are organized by the Institute's research areas, important new events have been launched such as the "Leading Thinkers in Global Economic Affairs Roundtable" and the "Global Economic Symposium".

Summer School

Since 2007 the Kiel Institute regularly organizes the "Kiel Institute Summer School on Economic Policy" (KISSEP).

Prize Awarding Ceremonies

Ceremonies include the Bernhard Harms Prize (since 1964), the Global Economy Prize (since 2005) and the Excellence Awards in Global Economic Affairs (since 2007).


Erich-Schneider-Seminar: a weekly seminar, organized in cooperation with the Economics Faculty of the Kiel University.

Lunch-time Seminar in International Economics: a platform for presenting and discussing ongoing research in the area of international economics.

Staff Seminars: Guest researchers and staff members of the Kiel Institute present their research projects.