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Support for Junior Researchers/ PhD Students

Junior staff members of the Kiel Institute receive various forms of support on their way to a PhD:

In detail:

Through the close ties of the IfW to the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel as well as the relations to economics chairs outside Kiel the IfW offers distinct paths to accomplish a PhD

The components of the PhD education are:

1. Employment in or cooperation with Research Areas of the IfW

Employment in or cooperation with Research Areas of the IfW
Employment at the IfW Association as participant of the PhD Programme „Quantitative Economics" Association as Guest Researcher

2. Education / Dissertation

Education / Dissertation
Participation in the PhD Programme „Quantitative Economics"
Supervisor at the CAU
(one of two advisors may be external)
Participation in a PhD programme at another university
External supervisor

3. Funding of the PhD

Employment at the IfW Scholarships

Candidates may combine these components according to their individual preferences.

Employment in or cooperation with the Research Areas of the Kiel Institute

Besides being directly employed by the Kiel Institute (see Research Positions) a candidate may apply for the PhD Programme „Quantitative Economics" at the CAU and collaborate with the research areas at the Institute as an associated researcher. The Kiel Institute research areas are presented to the new participants of the PhD Programme „Quantitative Economics" each winter term. During this presentation first contacts may be established and thoughts on future research exchanged. Highly qualified participants of the programme can expect to be recruited for projects if the research interests of the research area and the participant coincide. Such recruitment may only take place after the first year and is subject to funding constraints.

Highly qualified PhD students from outside Kiel are encouraged to get involved into the research activities of the IfW as guest researchers.

Being involved in research at the Kiel Instituteimplies intensive supervision and support of the candidate. In particular, the candidate will acquire profound knowledge in applied methods. In addition, practical experience in both project management and policy advice can be gathered.


Typically, Kiel Institute staff pursuing a PhD will obtain their degree according the rules of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and participate in the PhD Programme „Quantitative Economics". The disseration should be completed as quickly as possible. Therefore the Kiel Institute actively supports its staff pursuing a PhD in finding a topic and a qualified supervisor, which may well be chosen from the Kiel Institute's  worldwide research network. Typically, the first supervisor is based at the University of Kiel.

Additionally, there is the opportunity of earning the PhD degree at a different German or foreign university. For Kiel Institute staff as well as for guest researchers pursuing a PhD outside Kiel the degree will have to be completed according to the rules of the respective university.

A special asset of the education at the Kiel Institute is the opportunity to participate in selected courses of the Advanced Studies Programm in International Economic Policy Research. In this programme, renowned researchers offer 1-3 week courses in different areas of international economics.

Furthermore, research results can be discussed in research seminars at the Kiel Institute and the CAU. Moreover, Kiel Institute staff pursuing a PhD are encouraged and supported to present their research findings to the international community.


If no open research positions are available, candidates interested in working as a guest researcher at the Kiel Institute as well as participants of the PhD Programme „Quantitative Economics" are encouraged to apply for scholarships themselves. The Kiel Institute welcomes candidates equipped with a scholarship and provides office space and the necessary research infrastructure. There exist numerous and various scholarships (click here for related info on the website of Kiel University Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences).