Journal Article

Residential Energy Expenditures in Germany: Intertemporal Evolution and Determinants


  • Rehdanz
  • K.
  • Schröder
  • C.

For resource scarce countries improvements in energy efficiency is one way of reducing energy import dependency and mitigating climate change. Since the household sector is a major consumer of energy, understanding determinants of household energy expenditures is a prerequisite. Based on representative cross-sectional household income expenditure data, covering the period from 1978 to 2008, the paper examines determinants of energy expenditure patterns in Germany. The analysis covers information from about 50,000 households per cross section, and controls for a number of socio-economic, as well as regional characteristics, and endowment with inventories.


JEL Classification
D12, Q31, Q41


  • Strom

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