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Advanced Studies Program

ASPire to make a long lasting impact.

The Advanced Studies Program in International Economic Policy Research (ASP) has been providing rigorous and profound training in international economic analysis, methods of empirical research and the evaluation of economic policies to students since 1984.

World-renowned professors from leading universities from across the globe teach their area of expertise in intensive one or two week courses. These courses are complemented by access to the Kiel Institute’s facilities and researchers as well as an outstanding global research network. Together, these factors make the ASP a unique learning experience.

The Advanced Studies Program (ASP) curriculum trains successful and thoughtful economists to work in global and competitive environments, helping those seeking rewarding careers in academia, national and international organizations, economic policy making and management to reach their professional goals.

Developed for participants with a master’s degree seeking to build upon their academic and professional backgrounds  to upgrade their understanding of international economics issues and command of research methods rapidly, who are motivated to join a success driven globally distributed community and look for an environment favorable to academic research performance and research to guide sound policies.


Designed for Ph.D candidates, staff members of national and international institutions, think tanks or private companies who want to take full advantage of the Advanced Studies Program Certificate, broaden their perspective by learning from world-leading professors, join a close-knit international network and gather a rigorous and profound understanding of how the world is changing without taking an extended leave of absence.


Tailored to Ph.D students, staff members of national and international institutions, think tanks and financial companies who are interested in updating and deepening their economic research knowledge in one area of expertise. Participants obtain an overview of cutting edge  research  by aleading researcher  in the field in one compact course. Moreover, they learn about new trends and research projects in the making while interacting with other participants who share their interest in the topic, but come from a variety of different backgrounds.

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Forthcoming Guest Professors

Gianluca Benigno (LSE)

Arnaud Costinot (MIT)

Sourafel Girma (Nottingham)

Keith Head (British Columbia)

David Hémous (Zürich)

Matteo Maggiori (Harvard)

Evi Pappa (Madrid)

Thinking Together

The ASP offers an ideal environment in which to carry out one’s own applied research due in great part to its links with the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. The Kiel Institute has a range of resources at its disposal, including over 90 researchers who interact with ASP participants as advisors on their policy papers as well as peers in special projects. ASP Participants also have the opportunity to contribute to the Institute’s advisory role in providing research-based policy recommendations for national, international and multilateral institutions.

Careers and Alumni

Our Alumni-Association provides an outstanding network of more than 600 people across the world working in a wide range of professional positions in international and national institutions, global corporations, think tanks and universities.

"Networking with former ASP students & researchers, close contact to first-class scholars from all over the world and connection to the IfW-researcher centers, helps doing research and for job market applications."

Isabel H.
PhD candidate, Notre Dame University, Indiana

Students Profile 2018/2019

Placement Cohorts 2017 and 2018

  • BIS
  • European University Institute Florence
  • European Commission
  • Frankfurt University
  • Graduate Institute Geneva
  • Groningen University
  • Heidelberg University
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Jena University
  • Kiel University
  • Milan Bicocca University
  • OECD
  • New York University
  • Tartu University
  • Trento University
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Warwick University
  • Wuppertal University

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Olivier Godart, ASP Director of Studies

"If you want to upgrade your innovative thinking in international economics, to learn and think with us about global solutions, and improve your long term career perspectives, the ASP is the program for you."

Olivier Godart
ASP Director of Studies

Advanced Studies Alumni Association

The aim of the Alumni-Association is to nurture contacts between current and former participants of the Advanced Studies Program as well as between participants and researchers at the Kiel Institute. It furthers interaction amongst alumni from different years through a variety of events and meetings.

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