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Program Guide 2016/2017



Marcel Fafchamps, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University.  
Publications include:  Rural Poverty, Risk, and Development  ♦  Development and Social Capital  ♦  Learning to Export: Evidence from Moroccan Manufacturing (with Albert Zeufack and Said El Hamine).

Gino Gancia, Professor of Economics, CREI and University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
Publications include:  Horizontal Innovation in the Theory of Growth and Development  ♦  Technological Change and the Wealth of Nations  ♦  The Skill Bias of World Trade. 

Marc Melitz, Professor of Economics, Harvard University.   
Publications include: Export Versus FDI with Heterogeneous Firms (with E. Helpman and S. Yeaple)   ♦  Market Size, Trade, and Productivity (with G. Ottaviano)  ♦  Trade Flow Dynamics with Heterogeneous Firms (with F. Ghironi).

Enrique Mendoza, Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania.  
Publications include:  Financial Innovation, the Discovery of Risk, and the US Credit Crisis  ♦  Financial Globalization, Financial Crisis, and the External Portfolio Structure of Emerging Markets  ♦  On the Solvency of Nations: Cross-Country Evidence on the Dynamics of External Adjustment.

Roberto Rigobon, Professor of Economics, MIT.
Publications include:  On the Measurement of the International Propagation of Shocks  ♦  Currency Choice and Exchange Rate Pass-through  ♦  Identifying the Efficacy of Central Bank Interventions.

Yuliy Sannikov, Professor of Economics, Princeton University.
Publications include:  Macroeconomics with Financial Frictions (with Markus K. Brunnermeier and Thomas Eisenbach)  ♦  A Macroeconomic Model with a Financial Sector (with Markus K. Brunnermeier)  ♦  Dynamic Security Design and Corporate Financing.

Lucio Sarno, Professor of Finance, Cass School of Business, City University London. no
Publications include:  Economics of Exchange Rates (with Mark Taylor)  ♦  Properties of Foreign Exchange Risk Premia (with Paul Schneider and Christian Wagner)  ♦  Carry Trades and Global Foreign Exchange Volatility (with Lukas Menkhoff, Maik Schmeling and Andreas Schrimpf).

Volker Wieland, Professor of Economics, University of Frankfurt; organizer of the annual conference "The ECB and ist Watchers"; member of the German Council of Economic Experts.
Publications include:  Insurance Policies for Monetary Policy in the Euro Area  ♦  Exchange Rate Policy and the Zero Bound on Nominal Interest Rates  ♦  Surprising Comparative Properties of Monetary Models: Results from a New Monetary Model Base (with John B. Taylor).

Yoto V. Yotov, Professor of Economics, Drexel University.
Publications include:  Economic Integration Agreements, Border Effects, and Distance Elasticities in the Gravity Equation (with Jeffrey Bergstrand and Mario Larch)  ♦  Trade Adjustment, Political Pressure, and Trade Protection Patterns  ♦  Dynamic Gravity: Endogenous Country Size and Asset Accumulation.