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Course Outlines

Application Form for Selected Courses 2017/18

>>Macroeconomics in Open Economies, August 2017
      Professor Paul Bergin

>>Economic Development, September 2017
      Professor Kaivan Munshi

>>Field Experiments in Economics, September 2017
      Professor John List

>>The Governance of Trade and Investment in a New Era of Globalisation
      Iza Lejárraga

>>Firms in the Global Economy, October 2017
      Professor Francis Kramarz

>>Microeconometric Policy and Treatment Evaluation Methods, October 2017
      Professor Sourafel Girma

>>Behavioural Economics, November 2017
      Professor Sanjit Dhami

>>Time Series Forecasting: With an Application to GDP, November 2017
      Professor Jens Boysen-Hogrefe

>>International Trade: Monopolistic Competition and Gravity, December 2017
      Professor Dennis Novy

>>Dynamics of International Trade, March 2018
      Professor Samuel Kortum

>>Economic Growth, May 2018
      Professor David Weil

>>Monetary Economics, April 2018
      Professor Pierpaolo Benigno



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