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Course Outlines

Application Form for Selected Courses 2015/2016

>>Macroeconomics in Open Economies, August 2015
      Professor Cedric Tille

>>Firms in International Trade, August 2015
      Professor Kalina Manova

>>Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy, August/September 2015
      Professor Tommaso Monacelli

>>Globalisation and Labour Markets, September 2015
      Professor David Dorn

>>Empirical Methods in Economic Growth and Development, September 2015
      Professor Erich Gundlach

>>Monetary Policy: Theory and Practice, December 2015
      Professor Lawrence Christiano

>>International Migration, January 2016
      Professor Hillel Rapoport

>>International Trade: Gravity and Geography, March 2016
      Professor Gianmarco Ottaviano

>>Economic Development, April 2016
      Professor Rohini Pande

>>Economic Growth, May 2016
      Professor Oded Galor