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The Team


Director of Studies:
Olivier Godart

Research-students coordinators:
Galina Potjagailo
Katharina Lima de Miranda

Program Secretary:
Wiebke Seegert

Institut für Weltwirtschaft,
Advanced Studies,
Kiellinie 66,
24105 Kiel / Germany,
Telefax: +49 (0)431-8814-500;


ASP At a glance


ASP Flyer

The ASP flyer gives a brief description of the Kiel Institute’s Advanced Studies Program.


Advanced Studies Program


The 10-Month Advanced Studies Program in International Economic Policy Research (ASP) brings together every year since 1984 a small multicultural group of approx. 20 smart and motivated students (with a Master degree or already Ph.D candidates) and young professionals to the Kiel Institute.

Internationally renowned professors from leading universities teach the group their area of specialization in intensive one or two week courses. This rigorous and up to date academic teaching by prominent professors is unique in the world and is reinforced by an outstanding alumni network and access to the resources of a leading Research Institute.

The 10-Month ASP program curriculum develops successful and thoughtful economists in an international environment who are seeking a career in international organizations, in economic policy making and management, or in academic institutions. We are looking for participants who would like to join an environment made to think together and believe that independent and rigorous international economic research is part of the solution to urgent global Problems. Learn more about the program



Forthcoming guest Professors



 Thinking together


 Careers and Alumni

Sam Kortum(Yale)

Pierpaolo Benigno (Florence)

David Weil (Brown)

Cedric Tille (Geneva)

Fabio Canova (EIU)

Fabio Ghironi (Washington)

Penelopi Goldberg (Yale)

Carmen Reinhart (Harvard)

Keith Head (British Columbia)

Ufuk Akcegit (Chicago)

Sourafel Girma (Nottingham)

See the list of professors for the 2018/2019 Program.

The ASP is providing top conditions for own applied research through support from experienced researchers of the Kiel Institute.   The Kiel Institute has more than 90 researchers ready to share their experience with you through co-authorship, supervision or informal exchange.

See the research areas of the Kiel Institute.

Our Alumni-Association provides an outstanding network of more than 600 people all around the world working in a wide range of professional positions from international and national Institutions, global corporations and Think Thanks to Universities.

See more about current positions of former participants


"I have learned a lot about what’s currently going on in different fields of research. This helped me shape my interests for the upcoming PhD research. After my master’s, I didn’t really feel qualified to make the decision whether to do a PhD or work in the private sector right away."

Felix C. (PhD candidate, European University Institute, Florence)


"Basically I was introduced to the ASP by my supervisor and I saw the opportunity to upgrade my knowledge of international economics, my English and to network with students/researchers from other universities/countries that are dealing with similar research topics."

Nataša V. (PhD candidate, Ljubljana University)


Apply for Selected Courses 2018 Apply for the full-time Program






  • European University Florence
  • Frankfurt University
  • Geneva University
  • Gröningen University
  • Heidelberg University
  • International Monetary fund
  • Jena University
  • Kiel University
  • Milan Bicocca University
  • New York University
  • Tartu University
  • Trento University
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Wuppertal University



Olivier Godart

“If you want to upgrade your innovative thinking in international economics, to learn and think with us about global solutions, and improve your long term career perspectives, the ASP is the program for you.”

Olivier Godart (ASP 2003/2004 | ASP Director of Studies)




Advanced Studies Program:

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